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Fort Calhoun

Trevor & Jennifer

Jen and Trevor Larsen (m. March 20, 1999) became disciples after truly delving into the Word. They have always taken advantage of leadership opportunities, and became members of the Spiritual Leadership Group as a way to use their gifts to serve God. 

Jen and Trevor Larsen hope to see the church grow and have a larger impact on the community for God's glory. They want to see God's vision fulfilled through souls being saved and people having real relationships with Christ. Ultimately, they hope the church can follow God's vision. 

The Larsens' encouragement to those seeking God: Our church is dedicated to studying one on one with you and knowing you personally, so that we can prepare you for the life God has called us to; to leave our lives of sin and follow Jesus (Ephesians 4:20-24). You can't earn salvation, but you should make every effort to enter through the narrow gate (Luke 19:24). 

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