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North West Omaha

Fritz & Colleen

Fritz and Colleen Ladwig (m. June 30, 1978) were married for twenty years before they became followers of Jesus. Passionate about bringing hope into peoples lives, Colleen leads the Omaha chapter of Hope Worldwide 

Fritz and Colleen hope that our church continues to do all it can to continue on a path of righteousness, use our gifts as a body to glorify God, and uphold Gods greatest command; to love God and others with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength. If we hold to Gods greatest command, we can change the world. 

The Ladwig's encouragement to those seeking God: You are not alone and you don't have to be alone. There is nothing too great that you cannot be forgiven for (Psalm 147:5; Matthew 19:26). When you visit us, the Ladwigs hope you see an outpouring of love, and continue to pursue and question it. 

If you would like to visit for a group or personal bible study please fill out the info below and we will contact you.