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  • I have struggled with getting distracted with the world, work, and worries in general. I remember talking with a brother about it and we decided to set reminders every hour on our phones to pray for different things and people. I continue to have my reminders set and have added scriptures to read and refocus my heart on God and his word throughout the day.

  • I often recall how my life is so much better knowing I was able to meet Wendy and really learn what the Bible taught about being a disciple. It was her personal witness and that of her family that brought me to real faith

  • Music helps me remember all that God has done for me and helps me to connect with him.

  • Hearing God's love poured out through the power of music!

  • Even if I gain the whole world and lose my relationship with God, I would regret it. All good things in my life have come from God. I do not want anything to replace my relationship with my Lord!

  • I am reminded of God's compassion for me when I hear stories of those who have sacrificed to serve Him. Books or audio stories. 

  • I remember where I have been. When I do this I am immediately brought to my knees, convicted and re-centered. Jesus is my Lord!

  • I like to drive off to a solitary place (preferably at/before sunset in the hills) and sit/pour out my heart to God; to reset and rest in God's presence.

  • Starting each day with three areas of gratitude / gifts from God!

  • Going back to scripture reminding me that God has a purpose and plan for me. That I was chosen and that I am not alone. And being able to share that with my fellow disciples.

  • I pray and or sometimes remember my quiet time or possibly be reminded by my mom or dad 

  • I sing Psalm 51 and remember that God forgives me, God cleanses me, and God chooses me.

  • I remember God most when I look at something beautiful! Art, movies, nature, when I am observant I tend to see an image that connects to a scripture and then all I want to do is make the drawing come to life. This usually means I have to get out my bible and draw. 

  • My mom reminds me because I get focused on whatever I'm doing & I sometimes forget other things.

  • Setting my car radio to Christian music when I first turn it on helps me refocus on God if my thoughts are not on him. 

  • "I look at the children in our lives and know that He loves me far more than I can possibly love them. Ephesians 3:14-21 is my favorite “remember” scripture."

  • I like to clear my schedule and then listen to worship songs that draw my heart back to God. This is really helpful when I feel like I am in a rut and just doing life as opposed to living it to the full. The most recent time was when I felt bogged down by the work I was doing at home. I took that morning to sit in the backyard and just listened to "The Blessing" over and over again until my heart changed. 

  • God has fulfilled his promises in our lives and continues to through Zoey.

  • I pray a lot to remember God. I’m convinced God is walking with me and will never stop loving me. I also look at what God has done for me to remember him.

  •  I have this photo of my husband and my dad as my screensaver on my phone. It’s adorable, they are both giving each other the biggest hug. It reminds me how God set up our journey of me moving to Omaha, but my husband (who at the time I was not even dating) having the opportunity to become friends with my dad before he passed away. Now both me and my husband knew my dad and get to share stories. How cool, God, that you thought of doing that. 

  • "I got baptized in October, 2016 and my father passed away in December, 2016. I remember where I was when I received the phone call. I also remember the disappointment my mother had in God for not answering her prayers. I remember the months that followed when my mother would not pray but was always willing to come out with me to the midweeks with the disciples from the region by our house. I would like to keep this story short but I will NEVER FORGET baptizing my mom with disciples in Los Angeles on Mother's day 2017. God is good and I am reminded that he can find me even in the midst of my grief. 

  • I like to count my blessings!! From the smallest to the most astounding, it helps to keep my heart humble before God. For every disappointment I deliberately give God the glory for multiple blessings. 

  • Thinking about what my life was like before I became a disciple helps me understand how awesome God is. It reminds me to find a quiet place to ground myself in prayer.

  • Thank you, God for rescuing me back in Oct 1983. My life was going along just fine, I thought but he had other AWESOME ideas and plans for me. My life was changed drastically and suddenly. Habits gone, replacing sins, opinions, etc. with 5 weekly Bible Studies and new wonderful Christian friends!!!! New in Christ, Forever!

  • I see my wife and children and remember that God called me out of a destroyed life and blesses me more than I can imagine.

  • I love you God!

  • God got me the wife I wanted.

  • God turned my heart of stone into a heart of flesh - which was beyond my wildest imagination! I harbored so much bitterness and resentment that I didn't think that was possible!

  • Song: House fires Build My Life / Scripture: Philippians 4:7 / Moment: Blessed with yogurt 

  • Love God's word: Pick one scripture and write it in my journal (use fun colors). repeat & read it multiple times, meditate on it - how does it speak to my heart, mind and spirit. Does it speak of God and who he is? How is God's spirit speaking to me?"

  • I had a plan for my life that involved going to Creighton and becoming a doctor. God had a different plan for me. I switched to UNO and he changed my life. I was introduced to the Omaha Church of Christ, got baptized, found my husband and found a different career. God gave me life & joy like I could never have imagined.

  • "God is enough. I am enough. I can rest in God's truth and love."

  • My baptism. God never left me - I left God. Serving Others."

  • I love to go to a hidden place in a park or the woods and read Job 38-41 out loud.

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