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West Omaha

Jeff & Karla

Jeff and Karla Lessman (m. August 24, 1985) have never considered themselves as leaders, but have served as leaders for many years when they were asked to be on the Spiritual Leadership Group. For the Lessmans, leadership is a way of serving others, giving, teaching, encouraging, and showing mercy. Jeff and Karla Lessman have been in Omaha since 1991, and are passionate about our congregation growing to meet the needs of the community. They hope to see the church become more outwardly focused through Hope Worldwide and service projects. 

The Lessmans hope you sense that the Spirit is among us; that you feel welcomed, cared for, and at home. Being a Christian is an incredible experience, and Jeff and Karla hope that your hearts may be open to hearing and obeying God's word. Our congregation is not perfect, but we have a common goal; to love God and serve Him. 

The Lessmans encouragement to those seeking God: Seek with all your heart, and God will be found (Jeremiah 29:13). Involve others in your life, so they can help you to know God. We want to show you true, biblical worship of God. Read your bible, ask questions, and apply it to your life. 

If you would like to join our group for a group or personal Bible study please fill in the info below and we will contact you.