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Sermon Notes

My Redeemer

My Redeemer

The Redeemer

The book of Judges Cycle

People choose sin->Consequences->Cry out->Raises a judge->Repentance and Restoration-> Repeat

Judges 13:1-6, 24

The story of Gods people is perfect

The perfect Father does not make us a perfect family

Blessings do not guarantee faithfulness

Judges 14

Has Samson lost his mind?

Samson could have used spiritual discovery

Sometimes we can be like Samson

-We have it all but yet…

Spiritual Discovery helps us to consider the Spiritual battle

Stop and consider (feeling)

Recognize the spiritual battle (tempt)

Tell the truth (who)

Look for a lie

This is where things get interesting for me.

CBT: Situation->AT->Reaction

Core Beliefs – What do I believe deep inside

The “You are Special” Max Lucado video the book recommends really got me

I feel safe in God’s presence

I don’t around others

The spiritual discovery course is complete, but you may not have finished your journey of discovery

Don’t stop searching

Its ok to not have arrived

Keep retooling

The story is not over (Jonah, Abram, Moses)

Hebrews 11:32-38

Think about what is written here, what is remembered by God and his Faithful.

Perfection is not required to serve the Lord

The world is hurting, and we can partner w/God to bring healing as we heal