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Spiritual Discovery

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As Christians, we can struggle again and again with the same thing, unaware that our struggle is rooted in what we came to believe about ourselves as a result of past experiences. Our struggle continues because we are focused on the symptoms, not the root cause.

This course is a Bible study that can help you identify and overcome unhealthy patterns that lead to discouragement, anxiety, disconnection, entangled relationships, bad habits, addictions, and nagging questions like “Why do I feel like I have no control?” or “Why can’t I change?”

Spiritual Discovery groups (men with men and women with women), consisting of 4-5 each will be forming in January of 2022. Each weeks lesson builds on God's truths to combat and overcome the emotional and spiritual challenges we encounter or may have even battled for years. Weekly engagement is essential.

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Books are $10 per student, after church subsidy.